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Leydons Coaches Timetable : Swanlinbar / Cavan / Enniskillen

This is the timetable for the Swanlinbar / Cavan / Enniskillen route, operating from 2014.
For the return route, please see the second timetable below.

 Mon - FriMon - SatMon, Wed, Thu, FriTue, SatTue, Sat
Erneside Shopping Centre Enniskillen   14.00 
Enniskillen Tourist Office   14.0217.30
Five Points   14.10 
Drumcard Cross   14.15 
Opposite Swanlinbar Garda Station7.459.4514.2014.20 
Opposite Swanlinbar Post Office7.469.4614.2114.21 
Dernacrieve Cross7.519.5114.2614.2617.56
Opposite Maguire's Shop Bawnboy7.569.5614.3114.3118.01
Opposite Half Way House Munlough8.0010.0014.3514.3518.05
Ballyconnell Court House8.0410.0414.3914.3918.09
Ballyconnell Garda Station8.0610.0614.4114.4118.11
Yellow Road Mullaghaduff8.0910.0914.4414.4418.14
Slieve Russell Hotel 8.1110.1114.4614.4618.16
Opposite Staghall Church8.1810.1814.5314.53 
Excol Filling Station Belturbet8.2010.2014.5514.55 
Diamond Belturbet8.2310.2314.5814.58 
Centra Supermarket Belturbet8.2810.2815.0315.03 
Opposite Oak View Nursing Home Belturbet8.2910.2915.0415.04 
Drumaloor Church8.3310.3315.0815.08 
Butlersbridge By Pass8.3710.3715.1215.12 
Saint Patrick's College8.4210.4215.1715.17 
Cavan IT8.4410.4415.1915.19 
Opposite Cavan Bus Station 8.4810.4815.2315.23 
Cavan General Hospital8.5310.5315.2815.28

Return Route

 Mon, Wed, Thu, FriTue, SatMon, Wed, Thu, Fri
Cavan General Hospital 11.4011.4016.10
Cavan Bus Station11.4211.4216.12
Opposite Cavan IT11.4311.4316.13
Saint Patrick's College11.4411.4416.14
Butlersbridge By Pass11.4911.4916.19
Opposite Drumaloor Church11.5311.5316.23
Oakview Nursing Home11.5711.5716.27
Opposite Centra Supermarket11.5811.5816.28
Diamond Beturbet12.0012.0016.30
Opposite Excol Filling Station Belturbet12.0312.0316.33
Staghall Church12.0512.0516.35
Slieve Russell Hotel12.1212.1216.42
Opposite Yellow Road Mullaghaduff12.1412.1416.44
Opposite Ballyconnell Garda Station12.1712.1716.47
Opposite Ballyconnell CourtHouse12.1912.1916.49
Half Way House Munlough12.2312.2316.53
Maguire's Shop Bawnboy12.2712.2716.57
Dernacrieve Cross12.3212.3217.02
Swanlinbar Post Office 12.3712.3717.07
Swanlinbar Garda Station12.3812.3817.08
Drumcard Cross  12.43 
Five Points 12.48 
Enniskillen Tourist Office 12.58 
Erneside Shopping Centre Enniskillen 13.00

If you wish to make complaint about your bus trip contact Martin Leydon on 087 2989604 or info@leydonscoaches.com.
If you are not happy with the response from Martin Leydon Coaches contact National Transport Authority, Dún Scéine, Harcourt Lane Dublin 2 - info@nationaltransport.ie.

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